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Bali, Indonesia

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One of the most inspiring experiences of our lives, exploring the 'Island of the gods' Bali and leaving our mark along the way! To round off our trip we painted our version of 'Hanuma' a Hindu, Balinese monkey deity. It happened to be Halloween, a festival celebrated by the many Australian tourists that frequent Bali, so it seemed apt to paint Hanuman holding one of the many coconut 'lanterns' we saw adorning the streets.... mainly because who doesnt love a scary coconut!

 'Krakong' Illustration

Pen and Ink drawing 'Krakong' Is inspired by the Hindu Diety named 'Barong' a lion like spirit who is the guardian of the forest, a good omen and protector. 'KRAKONG' is our own invention inspired by him, a guardian of the seas and a protector of sea life! The ocean and its well being is a issue we hold close to our hearts, we are always hoping to raise awareness of the environmental disasters occurring year by year. Watch out for a continuing series of Barong style sea life! 

You can buy a 'Krakong' print or hoody here!

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