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St Pauls Cathedral, London 2015 Cbloxx was commissioned to tell the story of ‘Mary’, the holy, iconic and pure figure as part of St Pauls summer programme of events. Spray painting live inside the great Cathedral, Cbloxx set out to portray Mary on a relatable human level, one that describes Mary & Jesus as Palestinian refugees fleeing Egypt in despiration.

'Our lady Calais' became a powerful image that resonated with visitors who later connected the piece with the shocking newspaper images of the young boy from Syria washed up on a Turkish beach. He had tragically drowned whilst attempting to flee his war torn homeland causing mass media coverage of the plight of Refugees.  It was with this that the painting evolved into a shrine, with hundreds of visitors lighting candles infront of the piece, sand had been placed at the base along with a tiny pair of childrens shoes.

The image bacame such a popular peice that St Pauls used it as their official Christmas card of 2015.

Nomad Clan Cbloxx St Pauls Cathedral London
Nomad Clan Cbloxx St Pauls Cathedral London

"Every element of this piece was brilliantly thought out. A glow of light around the babies head, suggested holiness and hope. The bright contrasting colours on the hat and blanket wrapped around the mother and child depicted colours from the flag of Palestine currently involved in wars and conflicts, to the child looking down on divine light of “The Bleeding heart of Christ” which deems to be the love and compassion of the heart of Christ towards humanity, and its long suffering.Her poignant piece had a resonance with what is seen today, mothers, babies and children fleeing oppression and poverty. It was a real joy to watch this piece progress." Street Art Atlas

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