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Urban Forms, Lodz, Poland

In the earliest weeks of Autumn we began a two week residency in Lodz, Poland.  

The 'Mokosz' Mural was a large scale collaboration between the legendary Urban Forms Foundation, Wima Mills and 4Kultury Festival in Lodz.

We titled our wall 'Mokosz' a Goddess from Slavic folklore . She is a protector of women's work and women's destiny, She watches over spinning and weaving, shearing of sheep!  She often holds a hen and is heavily associated with fertility, good crops & harvest.  

The Wi-ma area used to be the heart of Lodz industrial heritage, full of cotton mills, the site of the mural itself is a former cotton mill where many woman worked as spinners, so the concept synchronised perfectly. Earlier on in the project we researched  the history of the area and noticed a great similarity between Lodz and our home city of Manchester. These cities have similar economic, large-scale roots associated with textiles which put us right at home!

In addition to this 4Kultury organised incredible performance art by Lineact around the wi-ma site on the launch night of the city wide festival. Large projections/lights brought wi-ma's past back to life, an industrial stage set complete with abseiling performers on ropes, and dance interpretations of the mill workers. 


Nomad Clan RDV Hip Hop France
Nomad Clan RDV Hip Hop France
Nomad Clan RDV Hip Hop France
Nomad Clan RDV Hip HOP festival France
Nomad Clan RDV Hip Hop France
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