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'Calais Jungle' Shipping Container

Journeys Festival, Manchester UK 2016  

As part of Journeys Festival International we transformed the exterior of a shipping container which was used for a innovative project space. Symbolic of export and transference, the container hosted a variety of projects and exhibitions.

We sprayed the facade live in St Ann's Square with a mural inspired by our time spent in the Calais 'jungle' Refugee camp. 

St Ann's is nestled in Manchester's financial district & high end shopping quarter which provided a juxtaposing backdrop to the mural.

Nomad Clan RDV Hip HOP festival France
Nomad Clan RDV Hip Hop France
Nomad Clan RDV Hip Hop France
Images courtesy of Drew Forsyth Photography

The mural is an image of the debris left on the floor after hundreds of inhabitants were forcibly evicted from half the camp and their temporary homes bulldozed earlier in the year.

The first day we arrived onsite we noticed a lot of tear gas canisters and rubber bullet shells amongst the poppies, discarded broken shoes and scattered belongings. 

The Camp itself is on the cusp of being torn down immanently, it is home to almost 10,000 people, 600 of them children.

Nomad Clan RDV Hip Hop France
Nomad Clan RDV Hip Hop France
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