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'My Body, My Identity, My Life'


CSD Berlin Pride

Urban Nation x Griessmuehle, Berlin.

Photo Credits - Nika Kramer, Oliver Schonekreuz & Nomad Clan


Last weekend hundreds of thousands celebrated this year's Christopher Street Day in Berlin. The URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART participated for the first time and was excited to welcome Nomad Clan and their take on this years motto of the March: "My body - my identity - my life".

These words were put into action on 28.07.2018. by UN with its own truck, celebrating a very special premiere. Together with Griessmühle, one of the city's best-known club institutions, URBAN NATION sends out a message of tolerance and gender equality.


The motto of this year's was an integral part of the URBAN NATION Truck. Under the direction of Yasha Young, director of the Urban Nation Museum, the motto was visualised by Nomad Clan who were responsible for the artistic interpretation of the motto... a subject which is very near and dear to Nomad Clan's heart. 

The duo reflected on their own experiences of queer identity as well as those around them, paying special attention to diverse representation of the LGBTQI community.


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