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 Friday 13th May 2016, The Circle, London — Private View of Thirteen a new exhibition curated by Sara Farrell - Sugar For My Soul and Bablu Miah - Trapped in Zone One.


We created a limited edition print to go exclusively into the exhibition, inspired by the unlucky notion of the number 13.


“Some say the number 13 was purposely vilified by the priests of patriarchal religions because it represented femininity. Thirteen corresponded to the number of lunar (menstrual) cycles in a year, and the number was revered in prehistoric goddess-worshipping cultures.”




13 Artists - 13 Days - 13 Limited Edition Prints.

Benjamin Murphy - David Bray - Ben Oakley - Carne Griffiths Artist - Nomad Clan - Rugman - Inkie - Stedhead Art - Lilly Lou - Hicks - Captain Kris - Elfin -Jebamindtricks.


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Photos courtesy of Black Frog London.

Nomad Clan
Nomad Clan
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