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Nomad Clan proudly present their newest limited edition print release, 'Bare Bones'.

A stunning full colour, Giclee A2 on 310gsm Archival photo rag. With hand pulled screen printed UV varnish vinish. 

Edition of 30 signed and numbered


The original painting is inspired by the final paint destination of Nomad Clans USA 2018 mural tour - an exploration of some of the most incredible abandoned parts of the US. 

An inland saline lake created in 1905 by an engineering mishap on the Colorado River, Salton Sea once attracted more visitors than Yosemite National Park. Located three hours southeast of Los Angeles, the desert oasis known as Bombay Beach became a resort destination for Hollywood A-List revelers such as Frank Sinatra and the Beach Boys. By the early 1960’s, however, Bombay Beach had transformed from star-studded oasis into barren, nightmarish landscape. An algae bloom caused by agricultural runoff and overpopulation resulted in the suffocation of tilapia fish, millions of tilapia washed up on the shoreline. Scientists predict that by the end of this century, Salton Sea will have fully evaporated leaving behind only toxic chemical dust. 

Whilst exploring Bombay Beach NC discovered an iconic abandoned boat that was begging for a facelift, armed with only a few dregs of paint it seemed only right to leave a parting gift for the remaining residents... we would be doing them a disservice if we didn't mention the amazing local bar still trading (Ski Inn) as well as the incredible creative community. Bombay Beach may signify the dawn of its life anew as a destination for immersive public art. 

The painting is directly inspired by the apocalyptic backdrop of the Salton Sea, time and time again across the desert lands of SoCal we experienced abandonment and collapse of towns and communities... from the lawless squatted Slab City settlements to the ghost towns haunted by their once booming industry. . there is a distinct and peaceful ambience in these places which really lets your creative mind wonder.

Bare Bones

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