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Shoreditch Art Wall, London, 2015 Our entry after being shortlisted alongside some of the hottest names in UK street art!  

Nomad Clan Shorditch London

"Fantastic work from Nomad Clan duo, Aylo & CBloxx, which is something special indeed. This pair are two of our absolute favourite artists, always creating interesting works fueled with a sense of surrealism combined with hyper-real representations. This work takes on a tone rather appropriate for upcoming Halloween with their ‘Tory Zombie Apocalypse’scene, which is certainly a humorous take on the recent political scandal involving the Prime Minister David Cameron, set amid a frightening cast of characters. The detail in the zombie’s face on the left is just macabre and absorbing, we really love the reflection effect on the glasses. The gentrified pig armed with shotgun just brings a smirk to the face when viewed, aiming its shotgun at the zombie to the right who is wearing a blue tie and Tory Party ribbon. For us this is our second favourite work of the entire competition." London Calling

Nomad Clan Shorditch London
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